100mm Plow

100mm Plow

The 100mm PLOW is the largest lure in the freshwater range.

Target species is predominantly Murray Cod while other species such as Golden Perch and Red Fin are a regular by-catch.

Available in two depths, a 15+ and 25+. The 15 & 25 indicating a minimum trolling depth, with depths of 22 feet and 34 feet easily reached. for the respective models.

The 100mm Plow has a wide pulsing action and loud rattle to entice even the fussiest  Murray Cod.

Trolling speeds can range from dead slow to 3kph with 2kph the optimum.

Positive buoyancy and excellent hook protection allows the lure to be worked through the toughest habitat.

Weight of this lure is 46 grams and is constructed from ABS plastic, fully ultrasonically welded with loud rattle.

Hooks are VMC 9626BZ size 2/0 and joined with 6H stainless steel split rings.

The 100mm Plow has our Patent Pending bib locking system with integrated towing wire, giving it superior strength to handle the biggest of our native Murray Cod.

Predominantly a trolling lure it can also be used for casting in heavy timbered areas.

Preferred method of attaching to the line is with a loop knot but if using a clip, use just the clip, no swivel is required as they add unnecessary weight to the front of the lure effecting action, backup and buoyancy.

The trolling pressure exerted on the rod is light compared to most big lures and holding the rod all day is not a problem, a definite advantage when trolling or casting heavy timber.