75mm Plow

75mm Plow

The 75mm PLOW was designed as a medium sizes lure that could be used for either casting or trolling, with the strength to handle the biggest Murray Cod.

Target species is Murray Cod, and Golden Perch with most other freshwater species also landed.

The 75mm Plow has a wide vibrant action irresistible to our native species.

Available in two depths of  4.5mt and 7.6mt. This lure fits comfortably into all fishing methods.

Trolling speeds can range from dead slow to 3kph with 2kph the optimum.

Positive buoyancy and excellent hook protection allows the lure to be worked through the toughest of habitats.

The weight of this lure is 23 grams and is constructed from ABS plastic, fully ultrasonically welded with loud rattle.

Hooks are VMC 9626BZ size 2 and joined with 4H stainless steel split rings.

The towing wire is welded into the body of the lure and locked into the bib with out the use of any glue, this adds not only strength but eliminates problems with the glue effecting the properties of the polycarbonate which causes brittleness and weakness.

.Preferred method of attaching to line is with a loop knot but if using a clip, use just the clip, no swivel is required,

Holding onto the rod all day is no problem and allows the lure to worked in heavily timbered areas with minimal snagging.

Available in our full range of colours listed below