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The 90mm Oarsome is a smaller version of the Oarsome 130mm

a great casting and trolling lure for Barramundi, Tiger Fish and other salt and freshwater species.

the 5mt depth model has been a tried and tested lure for trolling for Barramundi where depth and the ability to work the heavier timbered areas is important.

Fishing for Tiger Fish requires a very strong lure that will handle the powerful teeth of the Tiger Fish, since releasing this lure into the African market in 2012 they have the ability to be used over and over again with out being punctured or destroyed by these magnificent fighting fish.

the Oarsome 90 has been responsible for many trophy Tiger Fish over the magic 10kg mark.

Casting and trolling for Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks, Threadfin Salmon and many other salt and freshwater species put this lure as one of the most versatile lures from Oar-Gee Lures.

the Oarsome 90 comes in the same colours as the Oarsome 130mm and also has different combinations of hooks specifically suited to the different target species.

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