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Fishing Stories and Testimonials

Dear Wayne,

I run wildlife and fishing safaris in Southern Africa and one of our premium tigerfishing safaris happens on the Barotse Floodplains and Lungwebungu River in Western Zambia targeting trophy tigerfish. I first encountered the Oarsome Oargee 90mm with the 3m bib through a friend – Dan Power – and thought that the lure looked very good but was interested to see its actual performance in the fast currents and the bone hard jaws of tigerfish. I didn’t have to wait long – Dan landing an 11lb tiger spinning off the bank in front of camp on his first morning and the lure hardly looked scratched. This was impressive considering some of our rapalas which we use are snapped in 2 pieces after one fish – such is the power of the tigerfish. However, the jury was still out as we have had “1 hit wonder lures” before. However, when a client I was guiding produced 2 Oarsome Oargee’s (which we nicknamed “Hot Tiger” and “Pornstar” – turns out they were YO and SPB respectively) that I really saw impressive results. Starting initially with the SPB – this client received 4 takes for every 1 that his partner got fishing with a rapala floating magnum. He caught tigerfish ranging from trophy fish down to small ones as well as a trophy nembwe (olive bream) and the lure continued to swim well trolled against a quick current and survived a number of savage bites. We used it spinning and lure dived down to the strike zone depth quickly and had good weight to it for casting. When he eventually lost the SPB, I had no hesitation changing him to the YO which Dan had used and the following day, he landed a 15lb tigerfish on the YO – his personal best. Needless to say, when the next fish stripped him and snapped the line, everyone was very sad to see the back of the Oargee. I was extremely impressed with these lures in terms of their presentation, swimming action, durability and weight for casting. With Rapala having recently pulled the floating magnum range in Africa, I feel very confident that the Oarsome Oargee range in 90mm will be a potent replacement for Barotseland and we are also going to be trying to get our clients to use them extensively at our Upper Zambezi River tigerfishing lodge, Mutemwa. Well done guys on an exciting lure.

James Williams

Wildman Safaris.

Wildman Safaris.


Hi Wayne

Our Oar-Gee story, I was visiting Clinton at Fishing World in Mackay in July 2009 and told me that Wayne from Oar-Gee Lures had sent him some lures to try and to give him some feedback and was waiting for me to come in to give me two to try. I was dying to get them in the water to try them out. My first trip was to Kinchant Dam only 28 klms from my house in Mackay. We arrived at the dam at about 4:00pm to get the afternoon session in and be home about 10:00pm.We slipped the boat of and headed across the dam when we arrived we quickly rigged up and started a slow troll along the edge of a weed bed I could not believe the action on these lures. Just as I said this to my son in law he got a solid hook up on a fluro green medium diver and after a solid fight there was a meter plus fish about 4meters away from the boat. I can’t say how disappointed he was when this was the closest the fish got to the boat. The next 5 hrs was pretty full on we had landed another 15 fish ranging between 57 to 93cm.The action on these lures was impressive we were slow trolling them on 30pound fines braid with 60pound black magic leader we were getting the lures down to between 16 to 18 feet. The back up on the lures was exceptional when we would hit a snag drop the rod tip back and the lure would pop straight up and over the snag this is great bonus in snaggy conditions.  Everything that lived in that Dam was eating the 130M Oar-Gee lure that night we were very impressed. Fishing world loved us the next month when the order of Oar-Geelures showed up after several hundred dollars we left with a variety of colours, depths and sizes. We could not wait to use them in the salt.

my oar-gee story 2

The next trip was to an estuary not far from Mackay for the weekend, just before the season closed. There were 4 of us that went, Shane, Terry in one boat and Col and I in mine. We launched the boats late Friday afternoon just for a quick look and to put the crab pots in. Saturday morning arrived and we were on the water before day light heading up stream. We started trolling on a corner up stream where there was good signs of fish  holding on some deep snags, Col was using the 75mm medium diver and I was using the 130. We were followed closely by Shane and Terry, we were about 150m into the troll when Col got a hook up on a small estuary Cod of around 40cm. We went back and continued the troll boating a variety of species ranging from Flathead, Estuary Cod, Mangrove jacks, and Barra. Some of the Barra were undersize but still managed to boat a couple of good ones between 63 and 85 for the day. Shane and Terry had not heard of the Oar-Gee Lures before only from myself. We called it quits for the day and headed back to camp for a well deserved beer. We were on the water about the same time Sunday morning not feeling as good as we did on Saturday morning but we don’t know what could have done that ha ha. At the end of the day Col and I had landed 23 Barra and a variety of other species and Shane and Terry had not caught a fish all week end we didn’t rub that in much. It wasn’t from the lack of trying though they were following us up and down the Estuary like all weekend. They now have a supply of Oar-Gee Lures in there tackle box as well. This is when Col decided to sponsor us in the up and coming Barra comp at Conway Beach in February.

my Oar-Gee Story 3

In September there was a fishing classic on at Calian. A friend of mine Geoffrey and myself decided to go and give it a go for a bit of fun and a weekend away. We were on the water early Saturday morning until just after dark, we cought a variety of fish Fingermark, Mangrove Jacks, Estuary Cod, King salmon and a number of Barra between 60 to 85cm, we had found a deep snag about 6mt down, we could not troll over it without getting a hit or a hook up, this was where we got most of the Barra from. Geoffrey was impressed with the Oar-Gee Lures especially how they back up of the snag when you drop your rod tip back, I think this is an excellent lure for trolling and flicking because of this. Sunday morning back on the water and back up river to the snag we found the day before, the sun was just coming  up when we got there  and needed to be out before 2:30pm for weigh in. It wasn’t looking good up until about 1:00pm we were only getting the smaller fish like the day before around the 60 to 80cm range, still good fish though. Then Geoffrey had a good solid hook up on a 130 it was looking good after a good solid fight and many attempts of trying to get back into the snag we netted the fish it was a solid saltwater Barra, we placed the fish on the brag mat and came in at 109cm we were extremely happy and were heading for home and the weigh in, we only had about 5 minutes to spare. After the weigh in a couple of cold beers went down well waiting for the results. We ended up with the 2nd biggest flathead, 2nd  biggest mangrove jack, and biggest Barra over all. A great result over all we were two happy cookies once again. I have been using a variety of lures for this type of fishing over the last 20 years and with the results I have had with the two Oar-Gee Oarsome lures, they are without any doubt among the best of them in my books.

My Oar-Gee story 4

Barra bash in February after a good wet season with a good mate of mine Col we couldn’t wait. They had an extra 10inches of rain the night before we got there it was going to make fishing hard but who cares when you are on the  water. There was 160 anglers nominated on Friday afternoon. We were on the water Saturday morning nice and early as well as a number of other boats heading up river after a good wait at the boat ramp with all the other boats. After a good look around we  started a troll along a snaggy bank showing some good signs of fish. We were a about half way across a deep trench in front of a gutter along the bank when it took me by surprise a good solid hook up I was not ready for it at all, as I was showing Col the fish on the sounder at the time and lost the fish, my fault. After a good laugh out of Col and disappointment from myself we turned around and trolled back with no success we gave it about an hour. Plenty of fish on the sounder but were not on the bite at all. We headed down the river to a spot I have done well at before. We arrived and no other boats were there at all. We started a troll same thing plenty of fish but no strikes. Col and I decided to stay and work, this area for the rest of the day. We started to pull a couple of estuary cod and small Barra around 50 to 60s.The other team members showed up, Nathan and Fred, they had been right up the river  we can cover a lot more ground this way. They had no luck either so the two boats worked this section of the bank, it was fairly ordinary with the 30 knots of wind we were battling. We were catching fish here and there but there was no size in them but still fun. We headed back to camp just after dark for a few beers and a chat. It was the same for everyone no fish which bought our hopes back up seeing we had about 10 fish for the day, 6 Barra and 4 King salmon, so not to bad  considering what everyone else had cought. The wind had dropped over night when we woke a quick breakfast and we were gone straight back to where we were the day before. There were promising signs on the sounder again. Troll after troll still no fish boated they seemed to be cheeking the lures but no hook ups. It was about 12:30 and the Barra livened up, there was a section of bank we were trolling about 100m long and it was alive with fish. Not huge fish up to the 83cm was the biggest for some time, until Col got a solid hook up it was a good fish. After a 25minute battle from Col we netted a Barra beside the boat which was  a nice Fish, we were worried that we would have to let her go and being over size after a quick measure she pulled the scales down to 13.2 KG and 112cm. By this time there was several boats trolling the same section of the river with no luck only one here and there so we were happy people. After some pictures and a cold beer we headed for the camp for the weight in. 4:30 came and the results were being called out juniors ladies then our turn Col had got biggest barra overall winning the 1000 dollars. On the way home from that trip we stopped and brought some more Oar-Gee Oarsome 130mm and 75mm Oar-Gee Plows ready for the next trip which is coming up next February again we can’t wait. There were many trips planned between now and then, where we have had many success stories whether it’s in the salt or the fresh in the dams Peter Foust Kinchant etc they always seem to perform no matter what.

My Oar-Gee Story 5

The 2011 Barra classic was on us in no time at all we were itching to get on the water and another big wet season with over a meter of rain we didn’t know what to expect. The river was starting to clear up slightly but still a lot of fresh in it. We were working the same section of the bank that we worked last year there was signs of fish but nothing happened until that afternoon. We started to catch some smaller barra of around 50cm. Every now and then we would get a legal one. Sunday we put a big day in with a variety of species Flathead, Bream, Mangrove jack, Barra, And king salmon. Col had snagged a good Barra of 87cm we had our fingers crossed for the weigh in seeing most other boats we spoke to were catching not much. We went for the weigh in at 4:00pm with a few cold beers. Col ended up with the2nd biggest Barra and myself with biggest Flathead, Biggest Bream, 2nd biggest Mangrove jack, and scored Champion angler over all. We were stoked with the results. After a few more beers we headed back to camp. The Oar-Gee Lures have been a great investment for us with the success we have had with them. Over the last couple of years these lures have been a great success in the fresh  water or salt.  We can’t wait to try the new colours out they look great.

My Oar-Gee Story 6

Hi Wayne cought these two last Monday afternoon just on dark. My personal best for in a dam but not the salt. The big girl went just under 32 kilo and 119.5 and the other 93. Not  bad for 15 minutes from home.


Cheers Darrin

First Yellow Belly

Hi Oar-Gee Lures,
I found out that Camping World Mudgee stocks them so I went out and picked one up as soon as I could. I was very happy with it and Caught my first yellowBelly ever on it out at Windermere Dam just out of Mudgee. I used a 60mm plow color PF. My YellowBelly weighed in on the scales at just over 5 pounds! which is excellent for my first yellowbelly ever.

It was measured to be 60 cm in length. So I thought I would send in the pic and hopefully win pic of the month as this was such an exciting day for me and one that i will remember forever and that I would love to share with the people who go on your site .

Thanks again for the help and I hope you will consider my picture and as you can see in the pic i’m very excited over my catch!


Grandsons first fish

Hi Wayne,

It was great talking to the man behind the great Oar-Gee Lures.

I am 65 and a Grandfather. I live in Sydney.  I have been fortunate to have been bass fishing most of my life.

I took my three grandsons out for the first time Bass fishing last Tuesday the 25th of January. Sam is 11 Jack is 8 & Ryan is 5. We were fishing in the middle of the day & they were not taking surface lures.

I then put on my favourite of all time Bass catcher – The Oar-Gee,  Lil Ripper and it didn’t disappoint.

Please see attached ‘Sams’ Bass about 30 cm long.

In an hour and a half all three had caught & released one nice Bass each.

We will be back fishing again over the rest of the Summer

Best Regards


Ken Witchard, Lismore NSW

I am an ardent fisherman and fish both deep sea and fresh water (mainly australian bass) – personally i find your lures to be exceptional and i constantly recommend them to other fisherman.

Both myself and my two sons use your lures frequently and i think they are the stand out australian made lures for bass. Last season my biggest wild bass was 54 cm caught on a pee wee lure which performed all season. Its very difficult to decide what colour lure to use sometimes as i find they all work. I have nearly every colour available in both the pee wee and the plow (3.5 & 5 metere versions)

I have no troubles understanding why your lures are so successful as they are well made and work extremely well always with a very true action – i will continue to buy them and use them

As a fisherman i can only thank you for making a product that is excellent in every respect

– Ken Witchard, Lismore NSW

Barra Nationals Champion Interstate Team

At the 2010 Barra Nationals Team Humminbird took out Champion Interstate. They accredited Oar-Gee Lures for much of their success on the Daly River.

“We needed to show the fish something different simply due to the amount of boats fishing a particular rock bar. This is where the Oar-Gee Oarsome 130 deep diving lures came into their own. They put out a different more pronounced vibration that the barra keyed in on. Using them in conjunction with the Humminbird sounders produced the fish that gave us the edge we needed to take out the Champion Interstate Team Title.”

– Roderick Walmsley Team Humminbird
PHOTO; Team Humminbird 2010 Barra Nationals Champion Interstate Team