CATCH MORE FISH Oar-Gee Lures supports catch and release.

60mm Plow

The 60mm PLOW is a one third smaller version  of the 75MM Plow and can be used for either casting or trolling. Target species is Murray Cod, Golden Perch,

75mm Plow

The 75mm PLOW was designed as a medium sizes lure that could be used for either casting or trolling, with the strength to handle the

100mm Plow

The 100mm PLOW is the largest lure in the freshwater range. Target species is predominantly Murray Cod while other species such as Golden Perch and


The in store lures are only available from Tackle Shops and other retail outlets.

Painted Bibs

Oar-Gee Lures were the first in Australia to develop a process whereby we could paint the polycarbonate bibs in our lures. The process we have

Lil Ripper

At 4cm in length and weighing 3.5grams the Lil Ripper is the smallest lure in the Oar-Gee range. Initially designed for trout it has also


The SHAD is a 65mm long lure and is a skinny version of the Plow. The Shad is available in three depths, 3.6mt, 6mt and


The Pee-Wee is a round bodied lure ideal for casting and trolling. Target species is Golden Perch, Redfin, Bass, Trout and most other small mouthed


The WEE-PEE is a round bodied lure ideal for casting and trolling. The same shape as the PEE-WEE only one third smaller. Target species is