The WEE-PEE is a round bodied lure ideal for casting and trolling.

The same shape as the PEE-WEE only one third smaller.

Target species is Golden Perch, Redfin, Bass, Trout and most other small mouthed fish.

The shape of the tail of this lure allows for better hook ups on fish such as the Golden Perch as they generally chase the lure from behind and have a small mouth compared to the rest of their body.

An excellent casting lure, as the weight is in the body and not in a thick moulded bib which tends to enter the water fist and causes the line to tangle up in the trebles.

The weight is 8grams and comes standard with VMC 9632BZ size 6 trebles and 3H split rings.

The action is wide and vibrant with a noisy rattle; construction is ultrasonically welded ABS plastic with integrated towing wire.

Capable of reaching depths of 3.6mts on the troll, it is also a very good lure for casting snaggy water, with its large bib getting the lure down quickly it also offers protection for the hooks, while positive buoyancy gives it excellent back up capabilities.

A loop knot is the preferred method of attaching lure to line or a small clip without the swivel.