Oarsome 90

Oarsome 90

The Oarsome 90mm is a minnow or a thin body lure 90mm in body length and comes in three depth options.

The Oarsome 90mm 1mt will troll and cast to a depth of 1mt, the Oarsome 90mm 3mt will cast to a depth of approximately 2mts and troll at 3mts while the Oarsome 90mm 5mt trolls to 5mts plus and 3mts on a cast and retrieve.

Our patent pending, body design, rattle and bib locking system  makes this a very strong lure to handle the rigours of fishing for Barramundi and other saltwater species, and Tiger Fish in Africa, action and depth also makes it suitable for casting and trolling for Murray Cod as a slim line lure compared to the wider Oar-Gee PLow lures.

Our unique body design gives not only strength but a rolling action that can be achieved at the slowest of retrieves or trolled at speeds in excess of 10kph.

The patent pending bib locking system offers superior strength without the use of any glue in the lure assembly.

The integrated towing wire is part of the bib system virtually eliminating bib breakages.

The Oarsome 90mm weights 20grams and comes standard with VMC 9626PS size 2 trebles and 5H stainless steel split rings.

for Tiger Fish the Oarsome 90mm is rigged with a VMC inline single hook at the front and the new VMC Scorpic treble at the rear, a heavier 4x strong VMC is also available.

The buoyancy of the Oarsome 90mm allows this lure to be trolled successfully in the timber and snags of our rivers and impoundments without continually reversing to retrieve fouled lures.

The Oarsome 90mm has been used by winners and top placed teams in the Barra Classic and Barra Nationals held on the Daly River in the Northern Territory as well as fishing competitions in Northern Queensland.

The Oarsome 90mm is also used in Africa by many of the fishing guides for Tiger Fish with many trophy sized fish being landed. Strength and durability are a must for this species and the Oarsome 90mm is more than capable, offering more value for money than a one fish one lure option of the past.

Available in the same colour range as the Oarsome 130mm range.

As with all our lure range, attaching lure to line with a loop knot is the preferred method, if using clips the best quality is essential.